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The cornerstone of our center was the discomfort felt from the indifferent attitude of people, especially youth, to the countless problems of a developing society like ours. This is why the term apathy is part of our designation; that was the starting point! Unemployment / nepotism, unbridled desire to escape (in 2018 Albania was the third country in the world and first in Europe in terms of the number of US visa applications), limited opportunities for non-formal education (recognized and promoted by any international education body and agency like the other half of education for life) and others, are just some of the issues that end in question marks. In a developed state where most of our youth dream of building the future, pathos and rebellion against evil swarms among young and old. Why can’t it be like this in Albania as well?! Staying in a passive modality, waiting for things to fix themselves or becoming the impetus for the necessary improvements?! The context is challenging, even more so are the barriers of a closed system in front of us. We know that, together, we will progress ahead without being afraid of anyone or anything. H.A.N.A Youth Center in Lezha was designed keeping in mind the needs of young people to be active in the life of their communities. The experience will be called complete when they experience and touch the services we have set up for them, with their eyes, mind and hands. However, of this proves overwhelming, simply attending it will offer them a new alternative to go through their free time! We aspire to a self-aware youth who thinks with his own head! Who rise to their feet and react when egoism tyrannically suppresses freedom of expression and criticism. Because from now on, only progress is allowed, not the other way around! H.A.N.A. Center was established thanks to the support of the European Endowment for Democracy, an organization established by the EU and member states to promote the advancement of the democratic values ​​of societies. It does not matter if you are an individual or an organization, small or big; if you think joining forces for common causes takes you farther and faster, then you are welcome to cooperate! If you think you can do more with your time, you have a desire to explore your talents and abilities, to meet people who think outside the box, to contribute to improving a corner of society by having fun and building rich experiences; you have to make a stop at the H.A.N.A Youth Center in Lezha.