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Apathetic vs engaged: the paradime explained

In today’s society, we at H.A.N.A believe that there are a number of negative influences impacting the impetus of a young person to be involved in the conventional forms of civic (citizenship) engagement. Hence, participation in elections (voting), engaging with central or local government, being informed on current political, economical and social matters reflect a decline in youth interest for participation. In order for our democratic society to thrive, Albanians youth’s participation is paramount to ensure democratic values and aspirations since, according to us, the future progress (or regress) of our democratic society depends on the young generation taking on the role of their elders. We work so as our youth does not travel the path of disengagement from civil society, so as we do not lose their valuable contribution, innovative ideas, creativity, energy and social skills. We believe youth are involved in political and online consumerism, however, we trust our guts that they can also be initiators of policymaking or changing, thus, being vanguard of social change.