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Role of Youth in Albania’s EU journey

We work everyday so as youth from Lezhë are pro-actively engaged in the accession negotiation process in their context  as result to this project, leading to their increased involvement in democracy and the society of their country.

H.A.N.A attempts to expose youth to the current political discourse on matters related to the EU integration negotiation process for Albania. Albania has recently been endorsed from the EU by officially opening the negotiation process and this marks an important milestone for the country in its road to membership. Nonetheless, there remain challenges in the country’s journey towards efficient governing systems and certain important economic and social indicators with regards to the EU value system. As a youth center H.A.N.A tries to make youth aware of the potentials they have and contributions they can give to their country in the path to development and progress. Therefore, by focusing on Albania’s EU journey we aim at providing an approach to increase youth understanding on accession negotiation phase, the stabilization and association process, the Acquis Communautaire (acquis), the Chapters of integration and the European approach to systemic issues affecting the judicial, executive and legislative systems of the country (Albania).