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Lesson 8 | “Debating like a European” | Universal Human Rights and the Albanian Context | Lecturer – Dea Nini

Lesson 8 | “Debating like a European” | Universal Human Rights and the Albanian Context | Lecturer – Dea Nini


In Albania it is difficult to talk about human rights being holistic (all-inclusive) as there are many factions of society that encourage the embrace of only one group of rights and aggressively fight some others. Of course we are talking about the rights of people with different sexual orientation or gender identity for the second category of the sentence above.

We are not populist, obviously, while our attitudes, often and especially in this aspect, are against the opinion of a considerable mass of people in the country, however we hold out hope that in the near future people in Albania will learn to live with differences of each other without feeling the need to dictate the way of life of anyone but their own.

Embracing diversity as an inevitable feature of life instead of hatred, prejudice, anger, feelings of superiority, aggressive thinking, and sinful attempts to do things according to a certain personal image will bring about a more fulfilling life , harmonious for all.

And in the end, everyone will make calculations for their life individually, just as they did natural / inevitable or conscious choices!

With Dea Nini, we talked about the wide range of human rights under the European Convention on Human Rights (#echr) as a way to advance in shaping a European consciousness; we did not stumble on anyone’s interests, we spoke as the #EU (European Union) ?? expects of us as its future citizens, adamant adherents in fact.

This will help our young people to be accurately and fully informed about the profile and mentality of a European, so that they themselves are not deprived of choices (or impartialities) in life because someone, or an entire system, has decided to give information according to notions of personal beliefs / preferences.

We are for the freedom of will and belief (not only and purely religious) of the individual to make his / her decisions uninfluenced by a certain faction of believers / thinkers as only in this way do we judge that the individual is created the ideal circumstances for decision making according to the state of his psycho-social, emotional and physical. We believe that the survival and progress of humanity depends on the exercise of free will and the pursuit of continual improvement. Everything else is relative!


Location: Lezhë
Date: March 7, 2022
Duration: 1 Day