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Environmental education

The environment is an important element in the center’s work, which is reflected in the infrastructure built on its premises (Workshop). This program will also be deliberately harmonized with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the 2030 agenda of the UN countries. It is broken down into 3 components which focus the center’s work in this field.

H.A.N.A has started its journey with the piloting component of the Waste Differentiation Model at the beginning of 2021. There is a written agreement with the Municipality of Lezhë for the wide implementation in December 2021. The piloting as the first and current phase is taking place in a limited controlled territory in Lezha, but with the aim of scaling it up strategically in the future for a special focus.

The secondary education system provides for the fulfillment of 18 hours in community service. H.A.N.A has an agreement with ZVA to be a service provider in this regard.

The nature of the community service that H.A.N.A facilitates for young high school students is in the service of the environment (cleaning campaigns, rehabilitation of corners in the city, plastic collection and processing, etc.)

The last but not the least component is Eco Education. Eco-Education will give youngsters new opportunities to learn outside; explore their communities; analyze issues; learn about the connections between our economy, society and environment; support economic growth; and become engaged citizens.


December 30, 2022