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Gender issues

H.A.N.A centre aims to focus and provoke debate about issues related to gender identity, equality and diversity in a society that still needs to bee open minded and accepting. H A.N.A center aims to serve as a space where all young people, and especially girls in Lezha, are given a voice to discuss the norms and patriarchal attitudes that still affect their freedom and the expression of their potential. We aim at our young people through different ways, be it painting, writing or art they can express what they think and most important what they feel! And where better than our blog. Our youngsters are free to write and create different ways so their voice can be heard.

Gender stereotypes are also discussed through the club “ Be a Man”. “Be a Man” youth club, although it sounds like a disorienting phrase at first, is actually a call for young people to consider boys as allies in the struggle for equality and fairness in a society that encourages them to navigate the waters of misogyny and gender inequality. Also, an attempt to re-dimension the term “man” which in fact, for the purpose of this group, does not at all coincide with the typical definition with nuances of patriarchy that pressures young boys to be the dominant gender in strength, achievements and contributions .

Boys see expressing feelings as weakness, but if you ask questions and try to understand more, they are willing to share, which lets you know that they didn’t get enough attention and you weren’t asked to do it first and what is most important, no one has taught him that expressing yourself and showing what you feel is necessary, healthy and manly!


March 10, 2021