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Media education

Media, especially the social one that manifests itself in social networks, will be a present aspect in the future of the center and the personnel engaged in exceeding its mission, will have in mind the development of this program through giving ideas, being pro-active in their execution and continuous assistance in the advancement of the program, in addition to its primary role in the center. The center’s media program has 4 components: Citizen journalism envisions H.A.N.A.’s efforts to inform, sensitize and attract young people to the power of informal media reporting (referring to citizen journalism efforts as opposed to professional journalism. This component also includes collaborations with professional media actors who will invest knowledge in young people recruited from the center, volunteers or activists.

H.A.N.A will strengthen its position alongside citizen activism and youth lobbying through a citizen journalism channel on Facebook/website that conveys news of importance and authenticity from the point of view of youth and the need for public transparency. This component is related to the first one and part of the young people who report, in addition to the staff of the center, are trained and prepared by “Citizen Journalism”.

Bulletin of H.A.N.A is an attempt by the center to be creative through satire and video reporting by young people, without forgetting the element that feeds the organization’s mission; activism and response to social, economic, political, cultural, etc. injustices in the country.

Local heroes are the fourth component of the media program. To encourage the audience, especially the youth, H.A.N.A will research and look for examples of young people up to the age of 35 who work with passion and love in their country, have a clear vision of the future in Albania, deliberately contribute to make it more good their locality and will promote them through an introductory and encouraging interview.



December 30, 2022