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About Our Work

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When a passion for social development goes hand in hand with will power of people who share similar viewpoints, a vision for the future is naturally born and set in motion. The foundations of H.A.N.A. are based on the ideal of changed societies – in mind, heart and attitudes, to meet human (youth) potential and create new empowering mechanisms. H.A.N.A was shaped when individual efforts of a few people challenged a mindset of civic apathy in the communities in Lezhë through a number of youth initiatives. The initiatives were later transformed into a structured approach (legal entity) with the goal of multiplying the impact and number of youth participants. Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) can have one of three legal forms; association, foundation and center. H.A.N.A is a Youth Center.

The founders of H.A.N.A are, Besmira Lekaj, Edisona Xhani, Lorenc Daja and Minju Kim. H.A.N.A is the abbreviated form of the phrase “Hand to Hand Against Nation Apathy” in English language. It will be shortly read/pronounced HANA (as hëna in Gegë dialect; moon in English). The founders deliberately intended and welcomed the coincidence; the moon symbolizes the feminine energy and the Albanian society has many struggles to face regarding girls/women empowerment. Moreover, as the only permanent natural satellite of the Earth that determines the rhythm that has guided humanity for thousands of years, the moon represents fluidity, creativity, and change. Although the comparison is hyperbolic, the symbiosis that our H.A.N.A aims to have with youth of Lezhë, as a CSO, is of an influential nature. Meanwhile, the phrase remains a reflection of the founding vision regarding a declared and uncompromising attitude towards indifference and collective passivity that affects the common well-being of our country; therefore, H.A.N.A’s programs will be tailored to reduce the consequences of such behavior for the Albanian society, through youth. Though an overly ambitious ultimate goal, we at H.A.N.A trust that what counts in the long run is the persistence with heartfelt passion and professional ethics in the efforts to meet it!

H.A.N.A is an Albanian non-profit, non-governmental organization and legally organized as youth center, whose purpose is to educate the Albanian society, youth in particular, about the importance of pro-active participation in issues of common community importance, so that this participation brings change and social development. Our organization will pursue this goal by fostering partnerships with public structures, civil society, community members and national or international development agencies to ensure the resources needed.


Our vision is a society with transformed mindsets, with fulfilled human potentials and pro-active attitudes towards social, economic and political injustices.


Our mission is to serve as a liaison to the potential of communities, especially young people, and their opportunities for development through new ways that encourage meaningful participation in the social, cultural, economic and political life of society.

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H.A.N.A is an Albanian non-profit, non-governmental organization and legally organized as youth center, whose purpose is to educate the Albanian society, youth in particular

Hand-to-hand Against Nation Apathy