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H.A.N.A aims youth development through media, politics, theater and environmental awareness! View More We made history View More youth centre in town. first in Lezhë as It’s always time View More at H.A.N.A Youth Centre! gender imbalance to discuss to discuss

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Who We Are

When a passion for social development goes hand in hand with will power of people who share similar viewpoints, a vision for the future is naturally born and set in motion.

The first and currently only youth center in the Municipality of Lezha

H.A.N.A Youth Center is the only space for non-formal learning and youth activism dedicated to young people aged 13-29 in Lezhë. In an area of ​​250 m2, divided into service corners, the Center offers short courses in storytelling, multimedia, political studies, theater and artistic recycling; functions as a cinema, as an indoor play center and an incubator of civic youth initiatives.

A principal value of the Center is the effort for the civic awakening of the youth

H.A.N.A Youth Center was designed to awaken youth interest to get acquainted with the social, political and economic current affairs of the country, as it was, as it is and as it should be. To understand, live and contribute as a European citizen in a European country, aspiring to become part of the EU family. To achieve this goal, H.A.N.A approaches professional and impartial bodies or individuals to provide information and discussion sessions with young people

We have a particular focus on challenging stereotypes and gender-based violence

During 2020, the Center has conducted 39 activities focusing on discussing gender inequality and the underestimated role of girls and women in Albanian society, especially in Lezhë. Activities such as video projects that shed light on young people’s perceptions of the phenomenon as well as institutional reactions, structured debates among young people in front of institutions / professionals, preparation of theatrical performances, youth clubs to discuss behaviors that lead to violence and TED-X like events and discussions by / with professionals.

Hand to Hand Against Nation Apathy

H.A.N.A is an Albanian non-profit, non-governmental organization and legally organized as youth center, whose purpose is to educate the Albanian society, youth in particular, about the importance of pro-active participation in issues of common community importance, so that this participation brings change and social development.

Latest Events

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activities during 2020


participants in the activities of the Center during 2020


Agreements with donors, local government and educational institutions during 2020


Young people attending the activities of the Center in different periods during the years 2019-2020

Hand to Hand Against Nation Apathy

H.A.N.A was shaped when individual efforts of a few people challenged a mindset of civic apathy in the communities in Lezhë through a number of youth initiatives.

Our mission

Our mission is to serve as a liaison to the potential of communities, especially young people, and their opportunities for development through new ways that encourage meaningful participation in the social, cultural, economic and political life of society.

Hand to hand Against Nation Apathy

Meet Our Staff

The founders of H.A.N.A are, Besmira Lekaj, Edisona Xhani, Lorenc Daja and Minju Kim. H.A.N.A is the abbreviated form of the phrase "Hand to Hand Against Nation Apathy" in English language. It will be shortly read/pronounced HANA (as hëna in Gegë dialect; moon in English).

Besmira Lekaj

Executive Director

Angjelina Gjoka

Finance Officer

Edisona Xhani

Board Member

Erlinda Mesuli

Youth Facilitator

Lorenc Daja

Board Member

Danjela Marku

Program Coordinator and Public Relations