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H.A.N.A  / FAQ

General Questions

1. What is H.A.N.A all about?

H.A.N.A is a youth center dedicated to non-formal learning and youth engagement with the aim of developing and encouraging civil response among the youth of Lezhe. Non-formal learning focuses on activities such as debates, discussions on various topics that concern common life, youth initiatives and activism, cultural and sports activities, TED-X format events, promotion of local heroes, civic education and promotion of recycling. The center offers courses that shape young people's abilities to tell stories, understand activism through social media, and use computer programs. The center is an environment that promotes meaningful participation and involvement in an open workspace format where collaboration and interaction of attendees is promoted.

Is H.A.N.A politicaly afiliated?

H.A.N.A Center occasionally welcomes volunteers, young people 18-30 years old, with the desire to contribute to the design and implementation of its program and with the ability to successfully interact with young people, the beneficiaries of the Center. If you want to create a volunteering experience near the Center, you must live in the Municipality of Lezha, to physically and easily access the Center, to have the dedication to assist in the events you are assigned to attend, to sign a document on ethical behavior and standards of conduct with children under 18 years of age. Contact with the Center can be made through the preferred route, declared on social networks (address, phone, inbox, social networks, and visit). The volunteer will receive a certificate of service / experience and students will be declared for health insurance.

3. Who funds H.A.N.A’s program?

H.A.N.A’s program is funded by European Endowment for Democracy which has been our biggest support financially and morally.

Our mission & vision

Our mission is to serve as a liaison to the potential of communities, especially young people, and their opportunities for development through new ways that encourage meaningful participation in the social, cultural, economic and political life of society.

Our vision is a society with transformed mindsets, with fulfilled human potentials and pro-active attitudes towards social, economic and political injustices.

Call for Support

You can call us regarding any question you might have.

+355 21 522 464