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A journey thorugh the history of Musine Kokolari| Erald Kapri

A journey thorugh the history of Musine Kokolari| Erald Kapri


Dealing with young people’s oppositional voices of a system that brutally suppressed any intellectuals with a Western mentality should be the patriotic duty of every public or non-public structure that acts in the name of democratic values!

Education in Albania should feel this sacred task “on its shoulders” even though it has been more than normal years that attention has been invested in materialistics, buildings, infrastructure, shifting attention from the content and curricular and human quality in these buildings, which is the real emergency.

Investing in passing on the knowledge of characters like Musine Kokalari may be the only hope of young Albanians to hold fast to the pure values ​​of patriotism, the progressive ideology of social democracy and character with unshakable integrity!

And yet few of them recognize Musine’s legacy, the meaning of Stoic self-sacrifice, because her intellectual activity, like that of many of her contemporaries and co-sufferers, has been reduced to the eyes and minds of children/youths. born in the fragile domestic democracy, only in truncated dimensions of their artistic work leaving aside their political activity, their sacrifice!

Erald Kapri was the moderator and lecturer selected by our host, the Sebastia Youth Center, one of the few honest historians that Albania has, whom you listen to with pleasure and hunger for more.

And the history and intention to explore their heritage does not end there, it is in the genesis of our vision! Who knows us, knows!



Date: August 31, 2021
Duration: 1 Day