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“Be a Man” Youth Club- Young Men Initiative| A presentation of the topic

“Be a Man” Youth Club- Young Men Initiative| A presentation of the topic


In one of our meetings, one of the girls introduced her friend using the epithet “misbehaved or flapper girl” and when asked to define it, she said that society uses this term for rebellious girls, who do not side with injustice and try set the rules themselves how they want to live their lives. She herself did not agree that her friend was doing something wrong, but if it was wrong for the mindset of the society, she should consider it the same, otherwise they would judge her as one as well.

So, for them, in addition to defining gender roles, society dictates attitudes and shapes mentalities.

When asked if they discuss such topics with parents or other adults in the family they say they find very little understanding and often decide to form alliances with peers who understand them better and spend more productive time with them.

“Be a Man” Youth Club is part of YMI – Young Men Initiative, implemented in Lezha thanks to the cooperation of H.A.N.A centre with Act for Society Center.

Acknowledgments to the Local Education Office of Lezhë and the General High School of Zejmen for the allowing the introduction of the accredited curriculum / module “Program Y” with the youth of the latter.

Click on the link for a more extensive reflection on the matter.…/rinia-dhe-rolet-gjinore…/


Date: October 22, 2021
Duration: 1 Day