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Cultural Afternoon| Quizzes, Games and Food

Cultural Afternoon| Quizzes, Games and Food


To learn more widely and interactively about the European Union and the participating countries a few days ago we held the first “Cultural Afternoon” thanks to the model “Debating like a European” which is being implemented by H.A.N.A.

This time we had 9 countries part of the European Union around which through quizzes , games and food we learned interesting facts and the peculiarities of their culture.

Divided into two groups we learned that the first woman to receive the Nobel Prize and the only woman to receive two of these prizes is from Poland, we learned that the spoken language of Latvia is the oldest in the world, and that Estonia is the state the first in the world to allow online voting of the population and many, many others like these.

To make it even more fun we also had Karaoke Time as well as a flute performance by Olta Luli that brought a piece from Chopin as part of the culture of the state from which he comes from (Poland) .

The countries we learned about this time were:

Estonia, Poland, Sweden, Czech Republic, Denmark, Lithuania, Finland, Latvia, Germany.


Date: February 4, 2022
Duration: 1 Day