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“Debating like a European” | Debate Tournament – Round I, Part I

“Debating like a European” | Debate Tournament – Round I, Part I


It was the turn of the next 4 schools to face each other in the debate’s first round. Thus, the teams of “Kosova” vs “Karl Gega” schools opened the second session, followed by 2 other schools, “Gjergj Kastrioti vs Gjergj Fishta”.

Though this debate tournament of intertwined formats “Impromptu + Cross Examination” have been the preparatory sessions of young people on the topics from which the resolutions were drawn, by experts and professionals in the field, well-known figures of civil society, law, media and diplomatic.

This event concluded the first round of the tournament. The resolutions that our 8 teams have defended / opposed are:

1) The country’s membership in the EU will lead to the elimination of corruption in Albania.

2) Freedom of speech has a limit.

3) Same-sex marriages should be legalized in the country.

4) Voting age should be lowered at 16 years.

The winning schools of this session that automatically pass to the second round are: “Kosova” School and “Gjergj Fishta” School.

Grateful to our judges who added value to our youth’s debate by evaluating and scoring their arguments! They were:

1) Afërdita Gjoni, Mary Ward Loreto

2) Hekuran Koka, Strong Municipalities

3) Drini Zusi, AZ Group







Location: Lezhë
Date: March 26, 2022
Duration: 1 Day