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“Debating like a European” | Debate Tournament – Round I, Part I

“Debating like a European” | Debate Tournament – Round I, Part I


The tournament started!

“Debating like a European”, our model of non-formal learning through structured debate in schools, has reached a key point: the beginning of the tournament where 8 teams / schools face each other’s skills and knowledge gained during the preparation phase.

In a long but exciting and full of dynamism day, we saw the “clash” of arguments between 4 schools: Zejmen United High School and Ishull-Lezha United High School as well as Lezha Academic Center and “Besëlidhja” Secondary School.

The resolutions that came out of the draw for the teams were:

1) “EU membership will result in the elimination of corruption in Albania!”

2) “Freedom of speech must have a limit!”

As the arguments began to flow one after the other, our judges, invited to give the final verdict on the outcome of the debate, were attentive to understanding the level of preparation, dedication and a range of qualities that make up the profile of a good debater ( research, body language, tone, respect for the opponent, etc.)!

They were:

1) Aferdita Gjoni, civil society, Mary Ward Loreto organization

2) Suada Nekaj, Lezha Municipality, Department of Services and Social Care

3) Hekuran Koka, civil society, Strong Municipalities

We rejoiced with the joy of the schools that were selected to further continue the tournament (SHMB Ishull-Lezha & 9-Year School “Besëlidhja”) and with the other 2 schools we will meet again in the final conference to reflect on our achievements and lessons.

Location: Lezhë
Date: March 25, 2022
Duration: 1 Day