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Lesson 4 | “Debating like a European” | How does the European Union Work?| Lecturer – Alba Brojka

Lesson 4 | “Debating like a European” | How does the European Union Work?| Lecturer – Alba Brojka


This lesson with the debate teams’ part of the model “Debating as a European”, was started with a brief recollection of the last session where we talked about what the European Union is and its core values, and afterwards the focus shifted to the understanding more broadly how this organization works and the institutions that are part of it.

Ms. Alba Brojka, a specialist in political science, who in a very interactive and enthusiastic way, conveyed to the young debaters the necessary knowledge in their formation.

Before shaping the concepts of what the EU institutions are in themselves, we focused on the separation of powers. The separation of the three main powers, the legislative, the executive and the judiciary, as well as the independence of the institutions, is what is called the Rule of Law, which is an integral part of democracy.

We understood the role and importance of each institution to more easily conceive the functions and the way the European Union itself functions, paying attention to the competencies that this organization has.

An interesting perspective we saw during this meeting is that if a young person from Belgium or Germany, ie residents of countries that have a long time in the EU take for granted these good things they have, and us who are getting to know first and foremost the strength of we understand it better and appreciate it more, but we also manage to be more objective towards the aspect of our country as part of this organization.

Location: Lezhë
Date: January 29, 2022
Duration: 1 Day