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Newsroom @ H.A.N.A – Meet up session # 7

Newsroom @ H.A.N.A – Meet up session # 7


With the youth part of YouthScape – the youth newsroom of H.A.N.A, we sat down and reviewed the steps to follow in writing an article, and very soon we will share the product of our work!


The way we can formulate a news article is an important tool in our time, when information is spread rapidly, and we have to be careful about how this process can be handled.


Investigative journalists often play a critical role in holding institutions, organizations, and individuals accountable for their actions, but citizen journalists can also play this role.


In our case, we have the focus on our city, on the issues and the events that may need to be investigated further.


In this meeting, we had the space to discuss, share our thoughts, and focused on:


Meaning of news research: How can we evaluate and examine sources of information?

The right steps to follow from choosing a news item to verifying the information: How can we confirm if a news item is accurate and reliable?

Social networks and propaganda: How can we get to know the techniques used to spread false information?

Ways to protect yourself and others from misinformation.

Together, we can build a more aware environment capable of analyzing the news and events we see and hear.

Date: September 15, 2023
Duration: 1 Day