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“Pa marre” – Get Together

“Pa marre” – Get Together


Conversing, friends and good music!

As we previously announced, our silent exhibition (“N’Shesh t’Burrave, Pa Burrni”) returned to the center waiting to shape a voice and share it with our friends and invitees. This time, to talk freely, among other things, about the sobering statistics of the last few years and more, about the silenced truth about the unequal, and surely, unfair, treatment of girls and women in our society!

While we could go on and on about the testimonials and sharings that filled about 1.5 hours of our time together, we’re choosing to convey just a few highlights.

First, we thank the participants who, without reservations, expressed their thoughts and attitudes about the topic. And of course they were heartfelt, with most of them being personal experiences.

The system of social and legal justice for the victims of violence but also the perpetrators, is broken! We discussed how the (recently revised) legislation and enforcement structures have failed completely abused girls and women at worst, and provide limited justice at best. The social system of values and morals that society itself imposes on girls/women makes the burden that the latter carry on their shoulders many times heavier.

Inequalities do not only affect the lives of girls and women only, but also dictate those of boys and men, so the cause is common, although those who ‘shout’ (apparently because the burden si theirs mostly) to be heard are rather girls/women!

The chain of backward mindsets must be broken, as we expect the new generations to take on the responsibility of materializing a different reality.

Our call and plea is to anyone who has taken it upon themselves to represent someone and something through their role/influence: don’t be silenced by evil, even though it is now an integral part of the system and has corrupted it, but do your civic duty and refuse to compromise with it!

Date: March 23, 2023
Duration: 1 Day