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“Përballë” initiative – Debate sessions with the Municipal Council Candidates

“Përballë” initiative – Debate sessions with the Municipal Council Candidates


From the implementation of our initiative to bring together in a confrontation between them, and especially them with the live and virtual audience, the Local Elections 2023 qualified 7 of the 9 candidates for members of the Municipal Council, that were part of “Përballë”. Our platform, which was implemented for the first time in Lezha, gave them the space to introduce themselves and their manifesto and for us to know their vision for their upcoming contribution through the political representation thy sought.

Thus, their relationship with us and the small part that we represent in Lezha has just begun.

Good luck in your next term and as you promised, lobby for more public spaces instead of concreting and/or sacrificing them for the interests of a few; that waste management is not limited only to pollution administration and waste collection, but as a hierarchy of processes that includes differentiation at source and recycling; for the public transport service to be functional, to build stations and the operators licensed by the municipality to reorganize and provide the missing standards.

The “Përballë” initiative is H.A.N.A’s effort, an exercise and a positive precedent towards the understanding that politicians and public representatives have a direct obligation to the public to make their political offers competitive, despite the fact that the problems of local policymaking in our country are deep and systemic and cannot be addressed through a modest effort.

In the following, we will continue our efforts as much as we can to exercise our civic duty of influence in more transparent and accountable processes of officials and public representatives of Lezha towards young people and other categories.

Post Scriptum: It was impossible for us to arrange for the candidates for mayor in Lezha Municipality to become part of our format, although we tried.

Date: May 10, 2023
Duration: 3 Days