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Piloting the Waste-to-Source Differentiation Model | June – December 2021

Piloting the Waste-to-Source Differentiation Model | June – December 2021


To make sure that this effort results in reliable data whether it works or not, we are ready to play the role that the private operator that empties the segregated bins with the special infrastructure should play. It doesn’t have to work that way though! Differentiated waste will be stored in a large municipal warehouse in the most optimal solution according to waste management standards.

The differentiation, in this first experience of emptying the bins, is efficient to the extent of (approximately) 75%. Some observations made:

  1. The presence of informative displays near the bins should be increased.
  2. Cars park next to the bins completely blocking one side and are not fined for this even if they stay for more than 3 hours.
  3. Monitoring and information visits for residents in outdoor areas, around bins, should be intensified.
  4. Official garbage disposal schedules do not work.
  5. Bins are used not only by residents of buildings according to the instructions but also by businesses.
  6. Transport and further, composting and recycling should be considered as institutional solutions according to standards through re-negotiation with waste management operators.

Differentiation is entirely possible but requires effort, will, determination and institutional coordination!

Date: June 25, 2021
Duration: 1 Day