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Study Visit – Embassy of Sweden in Tirana | “Debating like a European”

Study Visit – Embassy of Sweden in Tirana | “Debating like a European”


“Debating like a European” landed in Sweden at the lovely ambassador Elsa Håstad.

If we want to debate as a European, we must first think as a European and to achieve this we need as many experiences of these kind of meetings for an “infectious” effect!

The Swedish Embassy gave our young people the best reception starting with presentations by the program team of the diplomatic institution of the multitude of development instruments and innovation of the Swedish representation in Albania from ’98 until today. To continue with the special time with the ambassador who, although “attacked” from 8 sides (representatives of the 8 schools participating in the HANA intervention) with questions as in the press conference, did not hesitate to take the time to answer each.

Sweden has a rich culture of debate in schools so of course this topic would be brought to the table. But of particular interest was the interest in the system of democratic values of the country; liberal social democracy, the most inspiring and precious of all according to us.

What advice did our debaters take to prioritize political decision-making as leaders of tomorrow?! Environment and renewable energy, because sooner or later Albania (those who govern it) must think about what its strengths are and work on them.

Location: Tiranë
Date: February 22, 2022
Duration: 1 Day