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“Debating like a European” | Debate Tournament – Round II | Quarterfinals!

“Debating like a European” | Debate Tournament – Round II | Quarterfinals!


4 schools have arrived at this stage;

1) United High School Ishull-Lezha,

2) “Kosova” – Secondary School

3) “Gjergj Fishta”- Secondary School

4) “Beselidhja”- Secondary School

In groups of 2 schools, the debate teams were faced with the resolution “Enlargement is not in the best interest of the European Union seeing the destabilization of non-EU countries aiming for membership” after the draw selected the same thesis!

Although a difficult position to defend, again the SHMB Ishull-Lezha school, which was drawn in favor, through proper preparation, strong cooperation in the team and dedication managed to accumulate more points from the judges and pass in half-finale. Thus, they argued that for the time being the EU is fine without new memberships given the turbulent situation and the importance of state decision-making for important decisions in the European Commission and that unanimity in attitudes and thinking is important for progress.

Also, in the other pair, Beselidhja School managed to qualify for the next phase of the tournament. This team worked hard to show that enlargement brings stability to Europe by giving more weight to the union in world affairs and how prosperity is significantly increased for member countries which have much higher exchange rates and stabilizing the Euro currency.

Our judges of this round were:

1) Bardhok Pulaj, Head of SHMB (United High School) “Gjovalin Gjadri”, Gjadër, Lezha

2) Keler Sufja, Director, DRSHSSH (Regional Directorate of State Social Service) Lezha

3) Mario Paloka, Coordinator, Terre des Hommes, Lezha


Location: Lezhë
Date: March 28, 2022
Duration: 1 Day