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“Debating like a European” | Debate Tournament – Round IV | I-st Prize

“Debating like a European” | Debate Tournament – Round IV | I-st Prize


Ishull-Lezha School in front of the “Besëlidhja” school.

… And we have a winner! CONGRATULATIONS TO THE ISHULL-LEZHA SCHOOL, winner of the first edition of the “Debating like a European” model.

It has been 6 months that “Debating like a European”, the intervention that we modeled according to our winter school in “Introduction to Politics & European Integration”, travels with us and the young people of 8 schools in Lezha, full of 40 of them!

In some of these schools we introduced structured debate for the first time. In all these schools we introduced a form of innovative preparation for them. You would have to be a student or a professional to learn by the standards and from the characters we faced the participating youth at the age of 14-15.

6 months later, we jointly arrived at the final event of the tournament where the 2 schools that triumphed step by step in the previous stages, faced each other in a competition for the first prize.

“Civil disobedience (or passive resistance) in a democracy is morally justified!” – Thesis to defend / oppose by teams. “Ishull-Lezha” School, PRO & “Beselidhja” school AGAINST!

The teams tried to bring out the strongest arguments they had researched, accompanied by examples. The case of Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr., the Black Lives Matter movement in America, the Kuksi protests over the placement of the trout on the highway or other cases of escalating violence have diverted protesters from their original purpose of protest.

The judges of the final round were:

  • Antoneta Suta – Head of the Local Education Office, Lezha
  • Emarilda Leti – Head of the Youth Center “Sebastia”, Kurbin
  • Hekuran Koka – President of the Club “Ndoc Gjetja”, Lezha

Now is the time to gather at the base with all the young participants and to reflect on the final intervention conference which will be held in the coming days!

Location: Lezhë
Date: April 2, 2022
Duration: 1 Day