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“Debating like a European” | Final Conference

“Debating like a European” | Final Conference


“Debating like a European”, H.A.N.A.’s model of youth political and civic education through structured debate, had its final stop for the 2021-2022 school year last week. Thus, H.A.N.A successfully tested the debate as a form of non-formal learning in school thanks to the cooperation with educational structures in Lezha.

With the debate teams set up in the schools as well as representatives from the pedagogical staff, a concluding conference was held to reflect on the moments, lessons and main achievements of the mutual multi-month experience.

We built this approach in October 2020, when we first tested it through the winter school “Introduction to Politics and European Integration” whose last event was exactly a debate among young participants entitled “Debating like a European”. Taking the lead from there, we improved the experience and expanded it by introducing it in schools.

For political systems to be representative, all sections of society must be included. When young people are deprived of their rights or detached from political processes, a significant part of the population has little or no voice in decisions that affect the life of society. The main consequence is the undermining of the representation of political systems.

We invited along the way connoisseurs and implementers of domestic and international politics as well as human rights. We kept the practice of Cultural Afternoons as a way of learning about the values and features of the culture of the European Union countries as well as the visits to important diplomatic institutions in the country.

“This experience has left a positive mark on me both in terms of knowledge gained but also on the emotional side” – Damiana

“One of the most beautiful experiences where I learned how to be active keeping an open mind” – Kristi

“I can call this experience eye-opening because as the second time I participated in a debate tournament I knew it would be fantastic and that’s how it turned out. The lectures and lecturers gave us information we did not know and very interesting. I also made new friendships that I hope will last.” Kejvin

Location: Lezhë
Date: April 23, 2022
Duration: 1 Day