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Exhibition|” Art From the Bin”

Exhibition|” Art From the Bin”


Yesterday at the H.A.N.A. we opened the doors of the exhibition “Art From the Bin” which will remain open until December 30, 10: 00-17: 00.

We have committed 2 months to finalize a product to present to you, with dedication and fatigue. An art exhibition with raw materials and single materials recyclable, especially plastic.

A message from some young people who have been told about the effects of irresponsible plastic consumption on the environment and have taken a step to get your attention. It is a symbolic gesture that at the same time highlights their extraordinary talents, but it is especially attracting attention: “I am trying to do my part, but you as a resident, as a municipality, as a business, as an NGO, as a school, as a parent, what are you doing?”

During the opening we dedicated a small space to the group of young people who have piloted the model of Waste Differentiation at Source as a combination of messages and the work that the two groups are doing for the same cause, and if this exhibition got done for 2 months, the pilot that the other group has done for the separation of waste at source has a full 6 months of field implementation this week.

We want thank prof. Bib Frrokaj for the patience, dedication and creative mind that he has made available to the project of the exhibition and gratitude to all the young people who contributed and did their part to give life to this exhibition of these works of art.

Also a thank you goes to Ola and Viki, representatives of the group of young people who have realized the exhibited works and the group of young people of the Pilot Waste Differentiation at Residence respectively, who told about their experiences with these participating projects.

We are very grateful to all the many guests who joined and showed their love and support for the work done by the hands of our artists.

We remind you again that the exhibition is open until December 30, from 10:00 to 17:00.

We welcome you all!


Date: December 29, 2021
Duration: 1 Day