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Experiences , stories and crimes of communism| Gjergj Lekaj

Experiences , stories and crimes of communism| Gjergj Lekaj


Among the last events at H.A.N.A Youth Center in Lezhë, was the screening of the documentary and the virtual museum “Maliqi Work Camps”, realized by the Institute for Studies on the Crimes and Consequences of Communism – ISKK.

The localization of the whereabouts of the 3 camps of Maliq (Vloçisht, Orman-Pojan and Nishavec) for the realization of the documentary, has been extremely difficult as today there is no trace of their existence. The documentary is graphically constructed based on the testimonies of the inhabitants of Maliq today and the survivors of the camps until 3 years ago, as today no one is left alive.

ISKK was represented at the event by the creator and screenwriter of the virtual museum, Luljeta Lleshanaku, while to moderate the event and engage the participants in the discussion and analysis of the historical context, the former political prisoner Gjergj Lekaj.

The attitudes of today’s Albanian society seem to defend the thesis that the chapter of before ’90s has closed once and for all and yet youth remain without any exposure or knowledge about the truths of the dark past of a system not far away in time!

Over 6,000 Albanian patriots, scholars, intellectuals, scientists, social democrats, freedom-loving and ordinary people who were the pride of Albania were massacred and executed in barbarism. Many family members do not know where to mourn their loss.

The HANA Center was originally created, among other things, to also keep alive the memory of the younger generations about the crimes of the dictatorship, the so-called “Communism” albeit the term always remained a utopia because what happened really had nothing to do with the ideology of of communism rather than sheer terror (Terrorism) of the rulers towards their people.

We will keep you posted on upcoming events on the same topic!

Date: July 2, 2021
Duration: 1 Day